What they say

Josiah – The birth of a music career

In 2019 Brit Trust funded a project to help our most committed young people to further their music skills and experience. They wrote and produced their own tracks, delivered radio shows and created DJ sets.

Josiah is 16, lives locally and has been attending Avenues for some time now. He has always had a passion for music. These are his own words.

“I never knew what I wanted to do with my life but now I know what it takes to be a radio presenter and a sound engineer and a producer. I’ve started to further my education on these things and my knowledge has expanded. I want to pursue a career in music production and now I have the direction to do it.

Avenues has helped me so much. The opportunities I’ve had here, I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.”


What our members (and former members) say…

“Avenues has helped me so much. They’ve given me the opportunity to express my musical ears and to give me opportunities to work alongside youth workers and industry professionals. The opportunities I’ve had here, I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. It gave me a chance to see what I could have as a career in music.”
Josiah, 16

“if I never had Avenues support I would of continued with my negative path and either ended up in jail or dead.”
OB, 19

“Growing up in an environment that didn’t have a lot to offer, The Avenues and its opportunities really helped broaden my horizon…they helped me when no one else would. I don’t know where I would be now if Avenues hadn’t been there for me.”
DJ, 20

“Avenues changed my life completely from hell to heaven. I was stuck around negative people doing negative things on a day to day basis with no future ahead. This led me getting into a lot of trouble and I couldn’t see I was slowly destroying my future. I didn’t know how to change or have guidance until I turned to Avenues.”
PB, 18

“It’s like your second home and you get to learn new stuff, like you get educated in a fun way.”
AA, 14

“I’ve learnt how to stand up for myself and not be scared of saying no to people.”
HS, 12

“Avenues has made me feel proud of myself.”
RW, 10

“I would describe myself as fun, awesome and great. And all because of Avenues. Coming here changed my life.”
MH, 12

What parents say….

“I knew how important Avenues was before, because I never had to worry about what I would have to do in half-term and I always knew my daughter was learning new things and interacting with people. But the Coronavirus food service became more personal, the relationship is much deeper, the appreciation is much deeper. It is like a family, a deep-rooted community belonging. It’s not just a youth centre, it is a community belonging and safe-haven. I am really happy, appreciative and I am really grateful.”

“Avenues is a fantastic initiative and we commend you and all of your team for the brilliant work you’re doing.”

“Avenues is essential, and not many facilities have ways of including children with varying disabilities, and Avenues really makes sure [my daughter’s] welcome and treated like everyone else. It’s a staple of the community.”

What others say…

“The Avenues is an exceptional Youth Project, which has earned respect for the work it delivers from the young people it serves, the wider community and the Council. It is located in an area of significant need, with high levels of serious youth violence, and it successfully engages and diverts young people (8 – 18 years) into positive activities. As an organisation it is constantly developing its staff and looking for new and innovative opportunities for their young members and the staff have excellent engagement and outreach skills.

Avenues is now integrated into a wider network of Early Help services, which is knitted together through a trauma informed approach. Avenues always go that ‘extra mile’ to meet the needs of young people whilst also ensuring that they have robust plans in place to report back on progress. As an organisation they have much to share in spreading good practice.”

Jayne Vertkin, Head of Early Help and Youth Offending, Family Services, City of Westminster

“I am one of the Dedicated Ward Officers for Queen’s Park Ward. I have worked closely with The Avenues Youth Project for over ten years and have seen the great work they put in to divert young people from crime and gang membership.

The Youth Centre is situated on the border of two gang territories and people can be targeted simply for being from one area, or being friends or related to someone.

The Avenues offers a safe area for Young People to better themselves and creates opportunities where there would be very little others.”

PC Dave Hammond, Metropolitan Police