The Avenues Youth Project is proud to introduce you to, Releasement. A free 6 month artist development course for the 14 -21 year old graduates of our Mic Drop programme. Releasment participants obtain the skills required to professionally create and release their own music.

The Church Studios have generously funded this year’s Releasement programme. Due to this partnership, Releasement participants have access to A&R development sessions with Paul Epworth and orchestral instrument recording sessions with his Grammy award winning team. Some of the other sessions included in the Releasment programme are songwriting, performance and production. All sessions are hosted by music industry professionals.

Releasement offers young artists the chance to propel their music in a safe and supported way. Giving young people who are marginalised or disadvantaged by their circumstances the opportunity to experience the joy of making music, as well as the commitment, dedication and 360-thinking needed to be a professional recording artist.

Releasement artists create a collaborative EP/Mixtape, music videos and host live performances of their original music.

We strongly encourage young people with a proven creative track record to apply for this programme. Don’t be shy, get in touch!


Introducing, Well Made Music

The 8 young people involved in this Releasement cohort have joined forces to create the ‘Well Made Music’ collective and a self-titled EP.

The Well Made Music collective is made up of up and coming artists Kezzle, Tyesha, Luckii, Ricz, SB, Rex, Ruth and Nina Lee. Well Made Music (EP) boasts tracks across the Drill, R‘n’B, Pop and Rap genres due to the diverse styles of this collective.

The Well Made Music (EP) was written and recorded in The Avenues Youth Project studio, which was built by the world renowned, Miloco Studios.

Well Made Music (EP) – Produced by Wes Allen and executively produced by Deli-1 Fourz OUT NOW