Avenues is an outward-looking organisation that prides itself on working with the best in order to maximise opportunities for young people.  From international corporations to innovative community organisations, we are open to ideas and always keen to explore possible new partnerships.

Spotlight on Young Westminster Foundation

Young Westminster Foundation Stik Piccadilly


The Avenues Youth Project is one of three long-established, community-based youth clubs, recognised by Westminster City Council as key Youth Hubs, that helps deliver the borough’s Early Help strategy for families with young children.

We are one of the founding partners of Young Westminster Foundation (YWF), with whom we work in partnership to provide joined-up services for young people.  YWF acts as a voice for youth work in Westminster and supports its members’ development through advice, opportunities for wider partnerships, grants and training.

Our strengthening relationship, supported by Westminster Foundation, is leading to collaborative marketing and outreach projects and the introduction of a common system for monitoring and recording impact across the borough’s youth clubs.

Our current and recent partnerships

City Harvest

London Basketball Association

Queen’s Park Community Council

City of Westminster College

London Sports

Queen’s Park Primary School

City West Homes

Met Police

Rugby Portobello Trust

Community Champions

North Paddington Youth Club

Sports England

Creative Futures

North West – Targeted Early Help Team

St Andrews Youth Club

Dream Arts

Octavia Foundation

St Luke’s Primary School

DS Football Academy

Open Age

St Mary’s Primary School


Paddington Academy


Felix Project

Paddington Arts

West London Zone

Food Drop

Paddington Development Trust

YES Ltd – Youth Engagement Solutions

Fourth Feathers

QPG Community and Sports Hub

Future Men

Queen’s Park Children’s Centre