Opportunities for young people

Start Your Script

Calling all writers, future theatre directors, filmmakers, and storytellers! We have an exciting opportunity for those interested in writing for stage, radio or screen at the end of May in partnership with Theatre Royal Haymarket’s ‘Masterclass’ Project.

We’ve teamed up with Theatre Royal to offer a FREE two day theatre script writing course for 16-18 year olds.  You’ll learn how to write a script, create your own short audio stage play and explore the basic foundations of storytelling, as well as going on a backstage tour of the global phenomenon Hamilton.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with a paid actor and direct to turn their script into a recorded Radio Drama or Monologue!

‘Start Your Script’ Tuesday, 30th May + Friday, 2nd June 2023. Travel and lunch provided. Apply here

Day 1: Travel to The Other Palace Theatre. We begin with an introduction and workshops discussing the building blocks of good storytelling. We then go backstage to explore the inner and under workings of The Hamilton Musical, a sung-rapped musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. We then have a workshop on building your own story, which includes group work and brainstorming. Finally, you all have 30 minutes to create your short radio drama or monologue (can be done in pairs).

Day 2: We meet at  Avenues Youth Project for 10am to begin final preparations before we meet our actors and directors. Put your final touches to your play, print and make our way just over the Blue Bridge to Golborne Road and our space at Morley College, North Kensington to begin rehearsals and final touches with our 6 actors and 6 directors.

After our plays and performances are finalised, we have lunch back at Avenues Youth Project. The rest of the afternoon is yours, with FULL use of all 3 studios (Studio 1, Fully Equipped Recording Studio with Recording Booth, Studio 2, Live Instrument Room used as a Green Room, Studio 3 is our Podcasting Room) at Avenues where we will record our final stage scripts as Radio Plays.

This is a great opportunity, get involved, Start Your Script! Apply here.


Westminster Wheels

Love bikes? Become a cycle mechanic and your skills will always be in demand.

This exciting opportunity is for a young person 18-24, not currently in work, who’s looking for a proper traineeship.

Get hands-on experience with Westminster Wheels, earn a City & Guilds Level 2 Mechanic qualification and the potential of a paid trainee mechanic job.

Contact: liz.byrne@groundwork.org.uk or call 07702 942160.